Transform Yourself

What you visualize, you materialize!

Did you know that Guided Imagery/hypnotherapy combined with Reflexology can help you make changes to many aspects of your life?

With just a few, individual sessions, you can...

Break Bad Habits, Reduce Fears and Phobias, Stop Smoking, Lose Unwanted Weight, Improve Concentration. Cope with Loss. Improve Your Self-Esteem. Reduce Conflict and Stress. Improve Your Sleep, Accelerate Your Career, Overcome Procrastination. Reduce Pain. And the list goes on...

When compared with other forms of cognitive therapy, such as psychoanalysis and behavior therapy, hypnotherapy is the fastest, most effective way to bring about desired change.

What is it?

Guided Imagery/ & Hypnotherapy when combined with Reflexology therapeutically assists in providing a state of deep and passive relaxation during which a person visualizes or imagines things suggested in order to create physiological and psychological healing. Hypnotherapy uses that deep and passive state of relaxation and visualization process for active behavioral change.

How does it work?

The brain or mind learns through images. Imagery is the natural way to communicate with the subconscious mind. Because imagery and the subconscious speak the same language – imagery becomes a powerful tool to use for positive change! Guided imagery meditation combined with Reflexology puts your mind into a very clutter-free and calm state.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful and effective process that is employed once you are in that calm state of mind with targeted forms of Neuro-behavioral change for specific issues. It helps to guide your mind in a more positive direction when dealing with life’s everyday challenges.

Why choose this therapy?

Psychoanalysis: 38% recovery after 600 sessions

Behavior Therapy: 72% recovery after 22 sessions

Hypnotherapy: 93% recovery after 6 sessions

(Courtesty of the American Hypnosis Clinic)

Sessions of Guided Imagery & Hypnotherapy are a therapeutic alternative aimed at creating positive changes in one’s behavior. It is quicker than most other therapies. It is highly effective and transformative, It is the least expensive, safest, and often most effective way to resolve most ailments. So, we use your concentration to effect a very specific change. It’s not time to go to sleep; rather, it’s time to wake up! Of course, the outcome is designed with your wishes, desires, needs and goals in mind.

Here are just some of the things that Guided Imagery and Hypnotherapy can help to change:

Anxiety & Panic Attacks, Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, Self Esteem, Overcome Fear/Phobias, Stress Less, Relieve Pain, Be Happier, Cope with Loss, Overcome Procrastination, Insomnia, PTSD, Drug abuse, Alcohol abuse,  Hot flashes, etc.

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